Sacre Cool - Young Montana?

Like sex - Slightly jarring the first time, but ultimately... pretty enjoyable.

Sacre Cool - Young Montana?

Sacre Cool - Young Montana? - A lot of beat makers fulfil the role of artisans. They work modestly, with Pro-Tools and Live as their hammer and chisel. Of course Young Montana? works within those same confines, but his tools feel sharper. It lacks the modesty that seems to weigh down so many instrumental releases. There is a scope and a talent and a great ear for the space.

One of the most directly honest quotes I’ve heard in music was Bob Dylan’s succinct appraisal of Brian Wilson:

That ear – I mean, Jesus, he’s got to will that to the Smithsonian.
It’s a hugely complimentary remark that honors Wilson’s legendary and singular ear for a hook, chorus, or melody. Well, that should be expanded to an ear for samples and beats. Young Montana? has that sort of ear, and he’s stuffed his latest single Sacre Cool - Young Montana? and album Limerence is full of them.

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