Toxic - Britney Spears - Dubstep Remix

Cover - Toxic - Britney Spears - Dubstep Remix

I mean I know the girl is DIRTY... but this is down right Ms. Jackson if your NASTY NASTY

I hate Britney Spears as much as the next guy... Maybe it's not her personally, but more the state of affairs she exemplifies. To me, she ushers in a sad turn in the music industry... One where the focus turns from making magic, to making money. Now I realize it's not one teen girls fault, but she did reap the fame and money associated with this transition and I think that's where my contempt comes from... But I digress

However you feel about her, you must realize - the girl's got some pipes. This track replaces the artists, but still retains the vocal range that made this song a pop hit... it takes it a few steps further though. It tosses the song structure out the door and replaces it with a wobbling dustep background. If you don't believe me, just take a listen. 16 Bit really did some work on this one, it definitely deserves a listen.

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