SBTRKT - Wildfire Remix

Cover - SBTRKT - Wildfire Remix

South London's new beat machine releases SBTRKT - Wildfire Remix - and it's a doozey.

South London producer SBTRKT landed on our must-see of SXSW 2011 list based on his myriad singles, EPs, and remixes, and this July he releases his first collection of songs in the LP format with a self-titled debut via Young Turks. It’s first single swims out of production bathed in UK garage and post-dubstep waters, with an assist (most notably vocally) from Swedish electro-pop troupe Little Dragon. “SBTRKT - Wildfire Remix” w/ Drake jumping on the first few bars. Enjoy.

(ps. If Mary Anne Hobbes is cosigning, you NEED to pay attention)

Listen: SBTRKT - Wildfire Remix

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