Say My Name - Cyril Hahn Remix

Cover - Say My Name - Cyril Hahn Remix

Anyone who knows me knows I wouldn't post a Destiny's Child song without good reason.

Flipping a pop track into something it was never meant to be, is pretty much the toughest trick for a producer / dj to accomplish. Of course, that is my own personal opinion - but I believe you'll find a consensus among highly respected music folk. With that preface in mind, I'd like to introduce you to a name you should mark down - Cyril Hahn.

Like so many other great things as of late, Cyril flips his scripts out of the universal creativity mecca of Vancouver. You can almost feel the cold influence in his reworks. The similar thread that connects most of his remixes is a pitch drop in the vocals. Take a listen to the Say My Name - Cyril Hahn Remix for example - had you not been familiar with the song, you could swear it was performed by a group of big bodied brothers. By taking the pitched down vocals and combining them with remarkably chilled out backbeats, you come up with an insanely creative reflip with another bonus - Instant Familiarity!

I won't waste your time by waxing prophetic - but if a namebrand label gets their hand on this guy (and if he's willing to make that jump), you'll be seeing this name all over the place. Give this track a listen and for extra credit, give the Mariah Carey remix a try too. Then get your stalk on, so all your friends know that you knew this dude before ANY of em!

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