Toxic (DubstepRx) - Britney Spears Cover

I mean I know the girl is DIRTY... but this is down right Ms. Jackson if your NASTY NASTY

Toxic (DubstepRx) - Britney Spears Cover

I hate Britney Spears as much as the next guy... Maybe it's not her personally, but more the state of affairs she exemplifies. To me, she ushers in a sad turn in the music industry... One where the focus turns from making magic, to making money. Now I realize it's not one teen girls fault, but she did reap the fame and money associated with this transition and I think that's where my contempt comes from... But I digress

However you feel about her, you must realize - the girl's got some pipes. This track replaces the artists, but still retains the vocal range that made this song a pop hit... it takes it a few steps further though. It tosses the song structure out the door and replaces it with a wobbling dustep background. If you don't believe me, just take a listen. 16 Bit really did some work on this one, it definitely deserves a listen.

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  • Peace

    17 June 2013 at 14:16 |
    I'm not saying Britney can't sing. I think she can sing, but her voice has sefefrud in the past few years and it's just not the same anymore. I'm getting mixed signals because you say Gaga doesn't put on a good? show but you say you've been to her show and it's one of the best concerts you've been to. Gaga does put on a good show, much better than most of the artists today. Gaga has sold out her concerts too. In fact she made over $200 milion in her first arena tour. Pretty amazing


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