Daisy (Adventure Club Rx) - Brand New

Montreal's boyfaced duo get dubby all over one of my new rock favs.

Daisy (Adventure Club Rx) - Brand New

This remix does it's best to lull you to sleep... Then smack you in the face and ask you what the f*ck you're sleeping for. Pretty damn passive aggressive if you ask me.  Do your homework on Adventure Club though, they've got an EP dropping soon (and a dope Bookdock's Saints remix floating in cyberspace).

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  • Ogunsaya

    17 June 2013 at 12:26 |
    Nice to see The Airborne Toxic event on this one. They were part of some sale that iTunes was doing a week or so ago, and I listened to some of the salmpes, and I liked what I heard so far. I didn't buy their album right away, because I wanted to hear a whole track. I forgot all about it, thanks for jogging my memory about them!


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