Young Galaxy - Cover Your Tracks

I highly recommend Young Galaxy - Cover Your Tracks... Mostly because everyone loves saying "Synth-pop".

Young Galaxy - Cover Your Tracks

Young Galaxy’s upcoming new album, Shapeshifting, is one of my most anticipated of 2011. “Peripheral Visionaries” was enough to secure the album that spot. On the single Young Galaxy - Cover Your Tracks you can hear a taste of their ephemeral skills.

The mesmerizing jam “Cover Your Tracks” will make you move in your chair... wanting to go wander down a chilly street. It breathes and dances in the air, allowing you to become fully absorbed in it by the time it regretfully ends.

Dan Lissvik of Studio is responsible for the impressive production heard on these songs. The combination of him and Young Galaxy are a force one shouldn't mess with. It’s early but I have a feeling Shapeshifting is going to be one of the more well applauded albums in 2011.

Grab it below, via Gorilla vs Bear.

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