They Cant Tell Me Nothing - Paper Diamond

PaperDiamond has been producing out of Colorado for quite a while now. His wonky style is a bit reminiscent of Prefuse... and that's probably why I like em.

They Cant Tell Me Nothing - Paper Diamond

His latest offering Paragon is available (for free!) on his Soundcloud page ( I've included one taste-tester below, which occupies the 5 slot on this full length.

The track features Texan rapper Jay-Fresh and like many of our tastemakers, he's found a way to combine a slow offbeat track w/ the Texan chop/drawl we've all grown to love. How'd they cross paths?...

I started to work with Jay Fresh after he opened a show for me in Dallas Texas about a year or so ago. I could tell he could really rap and after a bit, he just started to send me acapellas he records in Texas. I go through and find something that catches my ear and weave it into something meaningful that I can relate to. Thats how I know people will like it… when its real!

Sounds like an honest take on what most producers would construct an imaginative story around. If Paper Diamond keeps that honest approach, I think he can do incredible things... Certainly in the same wheelhouse as JamieXX or Gold Panda and maybe a few steps further. No matter what, I look forward to see where this train is going.

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