I Should Say "Thanks" - Gold Panda

Well, actually the full title is.... "I suppose I should say 'thanks' or some shit"...

I should say

Gold Panda makes sexy instrumental synth tracks. His vinyl-static beats & heart-on-sleeve songs don’t need words (well, besides “You”) to achieve their aim. Director Shai Levy followed the UK based producer on tour in Germany & discusses life on the road as a solo artist, self-doubt, & the future - Ghostly Presents: Gold Panda from Ghostly International on Vimeo. This glimpse of Gold Panda gives a deeper look into what makes his music what it is (video below).

Ghostly has compiled 3 of Gold Panda’s early 2009 EPs (Before, Miyamae, & Quitter’s Raga) along with one non-EP track (“Police”) into a seamless listening experience, Companion. A fitting complement to Gold Panda’s inimitable full-length, Companion shows a restless Gold Panda searching for his voice and, like all good creative minds, reveling in the process.

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