Right After Midnight - The Foreign Exchange

A new Foreign Exchange album always deserves a little recognition.

Love In Flying Colors - Right After Midnight - The Foreign Exchange

If you live in the Raleigh area, you should already be familiar with Foreign Exchange. If you're not, now's the time to hop on board. This track is off their brand new album Love In Flying Colors is called Right After Midnight - The Foreign Exchange. It's their fourth studio release and as a whole, it's not a far reach from their previous successes. You can see the goal they're reaching at - and it's truly an honorable task.

Capturing the live music experience has been at the root of some powerful musical figures. When it comes to capturing a live hip-hop feel, the gold standard (in my opinion) is The Roots. With the growth of the Foreign Exchange sound, you can begin to hear those unique sounds develop. Phonte is certainly leaning more towards a smooth jazz sound, but he does it with forethought. It doesn't feel practiced, but it does feel well performed - which is a tricky line to walk. The occasional humor placed throughout all of their albums are the clincher for me. It's not that the group is trying to record funny things, it's that they have fun making music and it's occasionally captured on tape.

This single features Sy Smith - which brings up another notable point regarding FE... They support local talent. They have a laundry list of featuring acts that may not be hugely recognizable names, but are absolutely filled with raw talent and passion. This album has been on loop all day and I'll certainly keep in rotation for quite some time.

Many thanks to the Foreign Exchange team and keep up the good work!

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